Paying Your Utilities

For information on paying your Property Taxes and Utilities, click here.

Utility Fees

The utility bills are mailed out late January every year. If payment is received by the last day in February, the property owner is entitled to a 10% discount. Contact the Town office if you do not receive your utility billing by mid-February.

Please use the utility account number on the top left hand corner of the utility billing to make online payments. This account is different from the property tax roll number, do not make utility payment to your property tax account.

If you have problems or any questions setting up your online account, please call our office for assistance. TIP: Problems with online account setup? Try adding one or two zeros in front of the account number.

Ensure your payments are made on time to avoid penalties. A 5% penalty will be levied after the July due date on any unpaid utility balances. Any utility amounts not paid by September 30th will be assessed a further 5% penalty.

Quarterly Utility Charges

After the annual utility billing (mailed in late January every year) you may receive a quarterly billing if your consumption exceeds the threshold pre-billed in January. The histogram at the bottom of the utility bill shows the water consumption data for the past year.

If you have questions or are wondering about your water consumption, call the Town office for up-to-date meter readings. The meters are read monthly and by the 10th of each month the water meter reads are updated in our system.

Late Fees and Penalties

All taxes are due by 4.30 p.m., July 2, 2024. Any current tax amounts not paid or received by this deadline will, without exception, be subject to 10% penalty charges.

To avoid penalty or interest charges by ensuring payments are received at the municipal office no later than the date and time indicated here.