Pay in person with cheque or debit. Post-dated cheques made payable for the due date are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted and cash payments are discouraged. For cash payments the full amount will be credited to your account. No change will be provided.

Online or through telephone banking. Pay early to allow for bank processing times which can vary by three to eight business days. Check with your bank for processing time for payments to third parties.

Tip: Problems with online account setup? Try adding one or two zeros in front of the roll number.

Payment can be mailed to the Town Office. Ensure your payment is received before 4:30 p.m. on the due date. The post mark date is not accepted as proof of payment made on time.

Register an account with the Citizen Service Cloud to view and pay your property taxes and utility bills online. Setup your account with the online access code located at the top right of your property tax notice and your roll number.

Option to pay with credit card is now available through Stripe which is a third-party credit card service. There is an ADDITIONAL third-party fee which will be charged to your credit card. Payment must be made a minimum of five business days before the due date to allow for processing.